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Good password means important part in computer safety these days. Even computer system, secured enough can be found as a weak target of attack due to simple password. Passwords like "love" or "123456" are not suitable because of their predictibility. But even if the password is superior, it has to be changed regularly for better safety. And this page want help you to create new passwords. You can use these tools to generate them:

Random password

First tool for pasword creating on this page. Creates random characters sequence in length chosen by you. You have option for chosing lowercases and uppercases, numbers and special characters. You can create up to ten paswords in one session.

Password from a word

This tool enables you to create password from word, selected by you. Again, you will set password lenght and characters to be used. But the passwords are not random, when you use the same word and parameters, paswords are the same. This is the difference towards the first tool. Also, you can not chose numbers of passwords, there are three of them.


This tool shuffle the characters of chosen word by random. It makes up to ten permutations, that can be abbreviated.

Arbitrary password

A one click way to a new password. You choose only the lenght and the password will be made from lowercases, uppercases, numbers and special characters.

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